9 Key Benefits Of Email Marketing Automation


Email is the most effective way to reach people who expressed an interest in your product or site. For modern consumers, email has become the most preferred channel of communication.

This is a great opportunity for marketers to acquire and keep customers. A lot of people are using email marketing which is hard for new marketers to retain the attention of future customers.

What would you do in this situation? What is the solution to this problem?

A new way to approach email marketing is through automation. Email marketing automation can take your marketing effort to the next level.

In this article, I’m going to discuss what is email automation and why you should use it in your business.

Email marketing automation is the process of sending out emails to your subscribers and customers automatically based on a specific schedule or action you define.

As opposed to the traditional campaign when you create and send to all your subscribers several times, an automatic email campaign is set up once and then automatically sent out to a segment of subscribers when they take specific actions.

Imagine the time it’s going to take to manually create and send different campaigns.

Email marketing automation is a way to create emails that send the right message to the right person at the right time.

You can target people based on behavior, preferences, purchase history, or demographics.

Most email marketing services have automation features that allow you to create tailored content your customers want to read.

For example, someone has joined your list. It would be stupid to create a welcome email each time someone subscribes.

So you create an automated email to welcome subscribers each time they join your list.

How To Use Email Marketing Automation.

Welcome A New Subscriber

You can greet a new subscriber with a welcome email. The first impression is crucial in business.

Your first email gets the most engagement, and this is your opportunity to take advantage of the early excitement and curiosity of a new subscriber.

Promote Your Blog Content

With your blog the possibilities are endless. You set up an email sequence of the best blog post, an upcoming update, or special offers.

Re-engage Dead Email Subscribers

 Your email subscribers aren’t all the same. In other words, they respond differently to your content. There is a big chance they won’t respond to your marketing messages.

The non-responsive subscribers we call them a dead list. What you are going to do in this case? Delete them? Of course not.

You create a segment of dead subscribers. Then you can send automated emails asking them why they are not responding, what type of content do they prefer, etc.

Send A Reminder Sequence

It’s normal and natural that segment your subscribers are going to forget who you are. This happens for different reasons.

The most obvious one is they receive different messages from marketers just like you. So it’s your job to get them to know your brand, consume your content, buy from you.

You can set up an email sequence to remind your subscribers of the latest updates, offers, content…etc.

Abandoned Cart Emails

People may not complete the purchase process. That happens a lot, and it’s the nature of business. You can send an email sequence reminding your customers to complete their purchases.

Benefits Of Email Marketing Automation

It’s Automatic And Less Intervention Is Required

Within any email marketing platform that offers email automation functionality, marketers create something called email workflow.

An email workflow is a visual presentation of the automated email sequence that accomplishes a specific goal.

Once you set up the automated email sequence, subscribers that trigger the workflow will continue to receive emails without your intervention.

The process is 100% automatic and that the beauty of it.

There are different triggers that you can set. The triggers could be a click, open emails, a purchase…etc.

The purpose of email workflow is to create personalized and relevant marketing emails.

You Provide A Unique Experience

People love individual attention, and no one wants to feel like just another customer. When it comes to email marketing, your customers love individual experiences.

Email marketing automation allows us to treat each prospect individually. With the data you collected from your customers, you can send email messages in a specific way and personalize everything.

The most obvious elements are the first name, location, and demographic.

When your campaign is dynamic and personalize, you create the perception that each customer is treated individually.

When your email messages are personalized, it adds a layer of trust and strengthens the relationship.

Better Targeting And Segmentation

Email list segmentation is an essential element of any successful email marketing campaign.

Marketers don’t bother segmenting their email and wonder why they aren’t getting positive results.

Email automation allows sending different messages to a different group of people based on their interests, behavior, or purchase history.

For example, I want to promote a product to my email.

  • I send an email about the product I’m going to promote.
  • A portion of my email list will shows an interest
  • I create a segment of email contacts that show an interest in the product
  • I set up an email workflow promoting that product to the segment I’ve just created.

This process ensures that my targeted email recipients only receive messages that align with their interests and behavior.

You Save-Time And Maximize Your Productivity.

 Sending emails manually can be a tedious process and time-consuming. The level of interest in your email contacts is different.

Imagine the time it’s going to take you to craft different emails for different groups of people.

Email automation is your best friend when it comes to managing repetitive tasks. It increases your productivity and saves a lot of precious hours.

You don’t a virtual assistant to manage your email campaign for you since everything is automated.

This way you can focus on other important tasks such as creating new content, social media posting, setting up a new workflow, building links….etc

You Make Less Errors

In December 2019, I was sending cold emails to B2B companies. The email content was good and well crafted.

The next day, I received a message that says «The next time you do email outreach, spell the first name correctly».

It was an honest mistake, but in business, It’s a disaster. I didn’t realize the power of CRM software.

The point of this story is an email automation software decreases the potential of making errors.

It’s A Better Marketing Strategy

I bet that your spam folder is full of marketing messages you don’t where they come from. Mine is a disaster and I’m cleaning it up regularly.

We all have received emails from companies that we don’t know.

The message is irrelevant, vague, and many times make no sense. Who would respond to such emails?

With email automation, no more guesswork each message is dynamic and relevant.

This way you ensure your messages are targeted and increase the deliverability.

Also, you give the perception that your emails are written by real people, not robots as many people do.

Nurtures Your Leads And Make Them More Receptive.

Business is an exchange of value. People work with businesses they love, respect, and trust.

When you get a new lead, don’t expect to buy right away or even remember your name.

Email automation allows you to nurture your leads build a relationship of trust, and make them more receptive to your emails.

If you are in the digital marketing niche for a while, probably you’ve heard the «Money Is In The List».

Your email list is your strongest asset and you should treat it like gold.

This concept is not 100% true. If the money is in the list, spammers would be a millionaire.

A look at it this way «The Money Is In The Value You Provide To Your List ».

Increases Brand Awareness

People are exposed to ads, social media posts, personal stuff daily. When someone signs up to your list, he is more likely to forget about your website or product.

Email automation allows targeted messages to your leads which makes them know your business better.

Also, they get used to your content since it’s relevant, targeted, and engaging.

The email workflow cultivates the relationship, and make them receptive to future promotions.

Your preset email campaign helps you build brand awareness without your intervention.

Also, it does all the heavy lifting for you, which makes your messages look professional.

Better ROI

Marketers build a massive email list, do a product launch, and wonder why didn’t they get a good ROI.

They email 12000 subscribers and make just a few sales here and there.

The problem with this approach is that not all email contacts are ready to make a purchase.

When you set up strategically your email workflow, your messages are dynamic and relevant. Also, you can target specific people who are ready to buy.

The open rate and click-through rate will jump, and eventually make a good return on investment.