5 Explosive Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money


If you plan to earn a full-time income from your blog, then you need to select a niche that has high earning potential. In this article, I share 5 proven blog niche ideas that make money.


When you first get into blogging it can difficult to identify and choose a profitable blog niche idea that makes money. I built blogs on different niche ideas. I wrote about gaming, computer software, and domain hosting.

Some niche ideas are evergreen while others are trendy and perform well in a specific period. The niche you choose is what determines how much money you can earn from your blog.

A niche market or idea is a small and specific portion of a bigger market. Its unique needs, preferences, and identity are what make it unique and different from the market at large.

You can almost divide and refine further every niche into micro-niches. For example, a bigger market is health and wellness is a big industry. A niche market might be skincare, weight loss, and nutrition.

Another example, within the mobile phone market, is a small niche such as iPhone, Android, and windows phone.

If you’re just getting started, small niches are the perfect fit for you. Large markets are competitive and it’s hard to break it, while within a niche you can take a good piece of that market.

Regardless of the size of any niche market, you need to study your target audience based on their needs, struggles, and preferences. This phase is important because it gives you a clear idea of who are you selling too.

Before you start selling any product, you should browse forums, communities, and competitor’s sites and find out how they react to that product. If a product has bad reviews or it’s saturated, there is no point selling that product to your audience. 

In case, the demand is high, then it’s a clear indication of making a profit.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that says ’’Follow your passion and money will follow you’’. Your passion for building a business might help keep the momentum going.

Many Internet marketing courses advocate building your business around your passion. That advice might be convenient for some individuals, but it’s not for everybody.

For example, you have a passion for poetry, and you want to build a website around that niche. The question is ‘’ how many million dollars are spent each year on poetry’’ and more important what are your chances of making a profit in that niche.

My advice is ‘’follow the market and money will follow you’’. In business, there is no such thing.

In any niche market, there is a burning problem that needs to be solved, and a product that fixes a problem. Your job as a marketer is to fill that gap by promoting your products and services to the right audience at the right time.

5 Easy Steps To Determine If A Blog Niche Idea Make Money?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel or open a new market for yourself. You need to find a profitable niche, find your place on it, and take a piece of that market.

Don’t be scared when a lot of marketers like yourself are in the same market. The fact that people are promoting products within your niche market, it’s a positive sign that you can make a profit.

If you want to work on a brand new niche, there is a risk of wasting your time and money. Lack of information and products around that niche is a red flag and people may not be interested in it.

Another good sign that a niche market is profitable is there is a lot of products and services around that niche.

Reviews on Amazon, forums, and communities are a great source of information to determine the profitability of a particular niche or not.

Positive comments and reviews are good signs. You can leverage positive feedbacks to add social proof to make your marketing messages more convincing.

Here are simple steps to determine if a niche idea is profitable.

Google Trends.

This is a wonderful tool that shows you the demand for a particular niche idea over a period of time. Some niche ideas are trendy while others are evergreen. This is not the main tool for SEO and content marketing, but it shows the popularity of a search term whether it’s rising or declining. Also, another good thing about Google trends is you can find the demand for a product, demographic insight, and related topics.

Use Different Keywords Research Tools.

The most popular ways to monetize a site around a niche market is Adsense and affiliate marketing. Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest work the same way. They show you both the average suggestion bid for a particular keyword. That metric shows the amount you earn when someone visits your site and click on Google ad for a given keyword.

Go To ClickBank.

Clickbank is one of the most popular platforms for affiliate marketers. The best thing about Clickbank is that it shows products that have high gravity. In the Clickbank platform, gravity means people are spending money on that product.

Google SERP

Personally, I use Google for multiple things. I use it to find keywords and determine the level of competition. The first page of Google tells a lot about a particular niche market. Put your target niche idea on Google and consider the ads on the top and right of the page. 

As you can see after a quick search for laptops, I got a set of Google AdWords ads and Google Ad Store as well for different laptop brands. 

This result tells you that people are spending money on Pay Per Click ads, which a profit can be made within that niche.

Why: People wouldn’t spend pay Google for advertising if they aren’t making a profit. Most advertisers are generating a good Return On Profit from the Ads.

Another good place is Google related searches. At the button of Google search page, you find a list of related searches initially made by the searcher. PPC advertisers use these terms in their campaigns.

Reddit and Quora.

Quora is an information-based website that allows its users to ask and answer questions. It’s may not seem the most sophisticated way to find a business idea, but it’s a way to validate your niche idea. The fact people are asking a lot of questions related to your niche idea, then it’s a positive sign.

Reddit is an online community where people share content, news, and ideas. The has countless of mini forums, known as subreddit. Each subreddit focuses on a specific topic, such as spirituality, business, technology, magic, and all stuff.

5 Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money

Health And Wellness.

Do you agree with the phrase that says « Health is the wealth? I bet you do. From a business perspective, health and wellness are one of the most looked niches on the internet. In this world, people pay top dollars on products, coaching, and courses to be healthy.

People never stop looking for information on the internet about the next therapy, diet, or weight loss program. This is your opportunity if you want to make good money in this industry.

I hear a lot that niches related to health and fitness are highly competitive. That’s true, but you can build a successful blog if you focus on small areas like nutrition, mediation, and weigh loss.

The best way to succeed in this niche is to produce informational and practical content on your website.

The most common niche idea within the health and wellness industry is :

* Skincare

*Nutrition and diets


If these niche ideas seem broad to you, you can break them down even further like 

Skin Care ==>> Ant-aging 

Diets and Nutrition==>> Weight loss recipes 

Addition to ⇒ social media addiction 

What makes this special is that people are hungry for information and quick solutions. Some individuals are even addicted to spending money on courses and coaching.

Self Help

The self- help or personal development industry is dominating the U.S. According to MarketResearch. it was worth 9.9 Billion $ in 2016 and estimated to reach to 13,2 billion$ by 2020.

The self-help niche is a large industry and includes a wide variety of products and services that range from Ebooks, online courses, webinars, coaching sessions, and masterminds.

Growth is an intrinsic part of human nature, and self-help helps people identify and develop one or multiple aspects of their lives.

People are always looking to new ways to learn a new skill, become more productive, worry less, manage time, build a healthy relationship…etc.

You don’t have to be the next Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy to make your site successful. You need to be good enough in researching information and creating content that is helpful to your audience.

Money bloggers in this industry document their journey through self-development. They share their struggles, pains, solutions they find useful. They also recommend books and coaching. James Clear and Fortlabs are great examples.

Some niche ideas that make money with the self-help industry are :


Stress management 


Self -esteem and self-confidence


People want to be happy, stress-free, and productive. So why you don’t get a share from that market.

Your option to make good money within that niche idea is to produce good content on a regular basis. Remember, you don’t have to a big name to make your business successful.

Personal Finance.

There is a shortage of information when it comes to debt relief, personal loans, and credit score. People need help managing their money, reducing expenses making smart investments.

Over the last few years, we’ve noticed a significant increase of bloggers who blog about financial literacy.

People who blog about finance have found a loyal audience starving for guidance. We all want to earn more and spend less.

Moneycrashers and penny hoarders are examples of successful personal finance. They cover all sorts of topics from debt relief to saving money on groceries.

Like other important knowledge, personal finance matters a lot to our lives. Some people struggle with debt and need help paying it down or decreasing interest rates.

If you have some knowledge in frugal living, facing bankruptcy, or debt relief experience, you can create an info product where you share practical tips.

If this is not the case, you can promote info products or credit monitoring services to make an affiliate commission.

Online financial guidance is growing in popularity and full of opportunities, but full of scammers too. 

This industry is deep, and you can find good niche ideas that make money. The best niche ideas are:


Frugal living

Dept payment

Paying off student loans

Saving for retirement


There are thousands of new technology products brought to the market every single day. You don’t have to be a nerd or tech-savvy and make tech blog a success.

You can make a good amount of money if you decide to write reviews of products newly released. With new gadgets and accessories released every month, there are countless of topics you can cover in your blog. Also, you can share the latest tricks and hack related to a specific market.

Whether it’s an Mp3 player, headphones, tablets, computer speakers, or any smart device, people love to spend money on these gadgets.

Some people may say technology is nor profitable as it seems. This might true because tech content is not evergreen. The main downside of this market is you have to produce a lot of new content consistently.

To make money from this tech niche is to sell affiliate products from Amazon or any other E-tailer.

Once you have selected good products, it’s to spend money on marketing. You have many marketing options at your advantage.

You can create content around the latest updates and releases.

Promote your articles on social media and communities.

Spend time on tech forums when you share your content.

Dating and Relationships

Health, self-help, and dating are what I call evergreen niches. According to MarketResearch, the American young singles fueled the dating market with 2,5 billion dollars. Also, online dating has become a big business, and it’s estimated to cross over $3,2 billion by 2020.

50 % of young people who are single are looking for love and happiness. From a business perspêctive, it’s a great opportunity to make money in this good money.

Love is in the air, you just need to help people find it online.

This market is insanely competitive.

You need to build your site around a specific niche idea. You can share information and actionable advice on the following demographics.

Dating after divorce

Christian dating

Dating for women

Online dating reviews

What Do You Think About These Niches

I hope you found good niche ideas that help you make money from your blog. There are other profitable niches too like DIY, lifestyle, digital marketing, and the list goes on.

Once you found I good niche, It’s time to write quality content to reach people on search engine and social media.

I would like to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

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