Top 20 Blogging Tools And Resources


The number of things you have to learn and do consistently to make your blog successful can be overwhelming. You have to choose a niche, finding keywords, posting on social media, building a web page.

Whether you’re an experienced blogger or just starting, it’s almost impossible to manage your blogging tasks without help.

In this article, I’m going to share the top tools and resources for bloggers.

When you type a search query on the search box, Google usually provides you a list of suggestions related to your search. Google related searches don’t include the original query word-by-word, but it gives variations of that phrase. You find GRS at the bottom of the search results.

This simple feature gives insights about the user’s intent and the terms people are typing on Google. This spot can be a gold mine for bloggers and marketers to find content ideas and profitable keywords. You can use related searches as guidance to write content that people love.

Google Autocomplete.

This one of my favorite tools to find topics and keyword ideas. When you type a keyword on the search box, Google automatically expending your search with related suggestions. This is similar to Google related searches, but it uses the exact search query.

Personally, I use this autocompletion to find long-tail keywords. The first few suggestions aren’t the best keywords for SEO, but if you dig deeper, I’m sure you will find good ones. This feature is a great place to start developing your content and improve your organic reach.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a keyword research tool that extracts autocomplete and related searches from Google and Bing in a visual form called a search Cloud. When type a topic idea, it organizes and categorizes the results according to the 5 types of questions ( What, How, Why, Who, and When) plus can, Which, Will…etc.

While Answer The Public is not as sophisticated as paid tools, but it offers a great start for beginners. will not give data like search volume, keyword difficulty, location, etc.

The best thing about this tool is you will get a lot of low competition keywords you can use to increase your organic traffic. There is no need to sign up and you can download the keyword results.


Semrush is one of the best SEO tools in the market globally. You can do keyword research, auditing website, and competition analysis. Unlike other tools like Google related searches and autocomplete, it gives a lot of data and filtering options like keyword difficulty, search volume, and domain ranking.

Even if you’ve never done keyword research before, Semrush provides you the support you need to learn important SEO skills.

The best thing I like about Semrush is you can spy on your competitors and check their strengths and weaknesses. You can figure out the keywords they’re ranking for and the sites are linking to. Also, you can spot SEO mistakes on your sites like broken links and thin content.

If you are truly serious about getting your site ranking on the next level, then Semrush will do that for you.

Yoast SEO

Whether you are blogging about the last mobile apps or soccer shirts for teenagers, you are competing with a lot of websites. Your website needs additional tools to let search engines crawl your content easily. WordPress is a great CMS for bloggers, but it can’t do much with keywords optimization, sitemaps, and readability. Yoast SEO has a lot of features that help to make your content optimized for SEO.

It manages a lot of things like meta title, description, duplicate content featured snippet, social features, XML sitemaps, and a lot more. It tells right away whether your content is optimized for your target keywords or not. Yoast has a free and pro version.


Grammarly has over 10 million active users and for a good reason. If you want to make a good blogging career online, then you need other eyes that look at your writing. Grammarly is the best spelling and grammar checking software online. This tool saves a lot of time because I don’t bother too much attention to my spelling when I’m writing.

When I’m finished with the article at hand, I pasted the article on Grammarly and lets it do the checking. Grammar-free writing is a sign of professionalism The free version of Grammarly covers the basics of grammar and punctuation mistakes. Also, it provides suggestions that fit the sentence, gives help with sentence length, and readability score.

Unlike newspapers and magazines, people online prefer short and concise writing. If your content is boring and overwhelming, then visitors will bounce. Hemingway app helps you make your writing bold and clear. It not an in-depth grammar checking tool like Grammarly, but very useful to improve your writing style.

When you passed your test on the Hemingway editor tool, it highlights the phrases with different colors. Each color corresponds to a different type of improvement. Some of the suggestions are

    1. lengthy or structurally complex sentences.
    2. Sentences that are hard to read or may confuse the readers.
    3. Words that have better alternatives.
    4. Phrases or words that need to be removed

If you are using Pinterest and Instagram to drive traffic to your site, then Tailwind will give a lot of help. How and Why? To get the best results from Pinterest you need to create a lot of pins throughout the day. Most people don’t at that time. Tailwind allows you to schedule all your pins at once and at specific hours during the day.

Also, you can monitor your daily follower growth, the engagement rate of your pins, and how many repins you have. What makes Tailwind is so popular because it tells how key moments during the day your pins get the most engagement. Another amazing tailwind features are Pinterest tribes.

Tribes are a group of people who create on the same niche who agree to work together as a community.

Sharing your content on different social media platforms is a great way to reach more people. However, logging in and posting content on each platform individually can be time-consuming. Buffer is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule and post your content on different platforms. With buffer you can connect all your accounts into one and easy to manage dashboard.

You can schedule 10 posts per account and integrate 3 social accounts. Buffer’s dashboard is user friendly and carefully designed to help bloggers achieve their marketing goals on social media.

Formerly Known as SumoMe, Sumo is an all in one marketing tool that you use to generate leads and drive social engagement. This can be easily integrated with WordPress and other CMS providers. New apps and features are added regularly to Sumo, and its capabilities continue to improve. Sumo features are tried and tested to grow your social followers, build an email list, encourage people to share your content, and track your traffic.

You don’t need any coding experience. Once you create an account, just past the given code into the header section.

The signup forms and share buttons are responsive. They fit on any screen size and look good. I ‘v already installed the share button on my site. Sumo’s benefits and features are countless and require an article to explain. I recommend giving it a try.

People like to read content with several elements such as images, slides, infographics, charts, and so on. Even a single image on your blog post can you give a huge boost. So creating images for your content is not an option. Canva allows average people to create stunning images for blogs. There is a wide variety of templates that fit Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Logo, banner…..etc.

If you are using Pinterest to drive traffic to your site, then Canva can provide you a big help. Canva is free of use and can be a great alternative for Photoshop. I would recommend to any who can’t afford Photoshop and want to drive traffic with Pinterest and Instagram.

In the content marketing era, nothing is more valuable than collecting the data behind it. If you want get a piece from a market, you need to know what type of content is working, the engagement it gets, and the demand for it. Buzzsomo can do all that for you. I use Buzzsumo to validate my content ideas and check if they got social proof.

This all-in-one tool can do competitive analysis, industry research, and influencer discovery. From a single platform, Buzzsumo follows all social platforms, discovers content, and all information related to it, and presents it in a simple way.

As you know, building your email list is your strongest asset. Email marketing is the best way to communicate with your leads and customers. ConvertKit is an incredible email marketing software provider for professional bloggers. Convertkit supports landing pages, email automation, and email design.

What I like about Convertkit is the visual automation editor compared to Infusionsoft and Mailchimp. Conditional tags are another great feature where you can easily segment individual emails. Convertkit has added recently the free plan. You won’t get access to all features and you’re limited to 500 subscribers.

Sender is a great alternative for Mailchimp and Constant Contact. It’s a great email marketing software provider for small and medium-sized businesses. I personally use Sender for my email campaigns and I like its simplicity. While it doesn’t seem sophisticated like other email software, but I can assure it’s very effective for bloggers and info-marketers.

What I like about Sender are the deliverability rate and third-party integration. You can send promotional emails, surveys, and newsletters based on configurable templates. Sender offers a generous free-forever plan, which allows you to send 15,000 emails to 2500 subscribers every month.

Namecheap offers a domain registration service, service management, and hosting services. Founded in 2000, Namecheap started offering cheap domain registration plans and great customer support.

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A lot of people have underestimated A2hosting in the past. But now we more and more users switching from Siteground or Namecheap to A2hosting. I user of A2hosting, and I can tell that it offers a great service to its customers.

They offer top-class customer service, affordable hosting plans, and fast service. I’m a customer for over 2 years and I’ve never faced a problem. The basic plan starts at 2,99$ per month. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

If your site takes longer than 5 seconds to load, then it’s time to make some changes to your website. One of the elements that affect is your theme. I wrote an article about top SEO-friendly WordPress themes in 2020, and neve is one of these themes.Neve is a lightweight theme made for Worpdress users who take SEO seriously. With more than 100,000 active users and 5 stars rating.

Neve became one of the most preferred themes among bloggers. The code is clean, the design is minimal, and it is as easy to customize. Neve integrates perfectly with Elementor and Gutenberg. Also, the design is responsive, which makes it fit on small screens.

Astra is a lightweight WordPress theme made for bloggers and small businesses with SEO in mind. Also, it’s suitable for personal portfolio, business website, and Woocommerce storefront. Astra has over 900,000 active users, 5 stars in rating, and it comes with I’m a user of the Astra theme, and what I like about is simplicity and speed.

Also, Astra has other powerful features such as Pre-Build Templates, drag-drop editor, Hook & Filter, and Woocommerce integration.

Beyond performance, Astra is compatible with page builders such as Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver, and Brizy. Astra WordPress theme is free, but if you want to take it to the next level, Astra Pro starts at 47$

I consider Elementor the best drag and drop page builder for WordPress.No coding experience or HTML knowledge is required to use Elementor. It is the most full-featured page builder and easy to use and master. You can create pages with different styles, layouts, and functionalities. Regardless of your WordPress theme, you can build any content layout or page layout that suits your style.

What I like the most about Elementor is you get a100% separate interface from WordPress to work on your pages and posts. Elementor continues to add extra features and templates that work for any type of business.

What is your preferred blogging tool? Which one of these do you think isn’t useful? Does your feedback matter a lot to me? I would like to know if I missed anything in this post. If you have any questions regarding these tools, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.