7 Explosive Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketing


free traffic sources for affiliate marketing

best free traffic methods 2020

Affiliate marketing is a great method to make extra income that could potentially replace your full-time job.

The main obstacle that you may encounter is a limited budget for advertising. You need to pay for advertising to get your products seen and exposed to your audience.

PPC brings traffic fast and the result is immediate. However, you need to learn how to set up ads are some copywriting skills.

Not everyone has the ability to spend money on ads. Fortunately, free traffic sources for affiliate marketing are available.

While, free traffic takes time, but it’s targeted and profitable.

Here 7 methods to generate targeted traffic to your affiliate products.

Search Engines Optimization

SEO as free traffic source for affiliate marketing

SEO is one of the best methods to drive traffic and build your audience.

The quèality of visitors you get from search engines is highly targeted and more likely to convert into customers.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of growing your traffic by increasing the visibility of your website pages on search engines.

In other words, it’s optimizing your content so search engines display your web pages on search engines result in pages for certain keywords.

The more visibility your pages have, the likely you are to attract your target customers.

According to Brightedge, 53,3% of all traffic comes from search engines It remains the dominant source of traffic.

Another study made by Databox, 70% of marketers see that SEO is better than PPC. SEO beats PPC when it comes to traffic, leads, and sales.

SEO is not something you do once, and that’s it. You need to learn a lot of things to make SEO work for you.

Also, it’s slow and needs patience.

You need to learn how to find profitable keywords

Build SEO friendly content around those keywords.

Use Internal and external linking.

Proper heading usage

Publishing the content.

If this SEO sound complicated, here is a list of courses that teach you SEO step by step.

Promote your content On Facebook Groups.

If you are looking for ways to promote your content, then Facebook should be at the top of your list. Facebook is one of the top-ranked websites on the internet and has over 2,7 billion users all around the world.

You can use your fan page to share your posts. I’m not very active at promoting my content, but I’m getting modest traffic.

But what makes Facebook unique are the groups. A Facebook group is simply a space where people with similar interests share ideas, updates, and topics.

You can find Groups on finance, pets, politics, education, business, and all kind of topics.

Before you use this strategy, you need to know the following;

There are spammy Facebook groups you need to avoid.

Facebook groups are intolerant to spam or irrelevant content.

Each group has its rules and guidelines you need to respect.

You have to be active and add value to the community.

How to Drive Traffic using Facebook Groups

Find groups related to your niche

The groups have to be active and content has engagement.

Make sure to read and respect the rules and guidelines.

Post valuable content that solves a problem.

Promote your content only on the promo days.

Be A Redditor

Reddit is a powerhouse when it comes to driving traffic to your site. You need to be strategic when using this platform.

Reddit has over 430 million users around the world. This platform covers all sorts of topics. You can find communities on health, business, money-making, technology…etc.

Redditors become part of these communities to share ideas, news, and content.

Reddit is divided into subforums called subreddits. Subreddit is where you submit your content and ideas.

People on Reddit don’t care who you are or what you do. The most important is to share GOOD


You can contribute in two ways;

Link submission

Text submission

On Reddit, there is something called Karma. This is your activity and profile status. Good karma ensures the exposure of your posts.

To get good karma you need to;

Post content that people find valuable.

Positive comments

Upvote good content.

Start With Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is an underrated and old school method to drive traffic. While this is not the perfect method to generate affiliate commissions, you can generate targeted leads.

A forum is an online community where people come to discuss specific topics, ideas, and issues.

Forum marketing can be an effective way to drive referral visitors to your blog without paying for ads.

Some forums are general while others are specific. A forum that is niche-specific is where your target audience may hang out.

Not all forums worth your time. You need to focus on old forums and have active users.

Forums you want to participate on must have the following criteria:

1000 active members and more than 10,000 posts.

New posts are added on daily basis.

Make sure the posts have replied.

You can drive traffic using forums in two ways;

You can post your own threads with your link on.

Use your blog URL in your signature.

People on forums respect and admire active members. The more you post on forums, the more people are going to visit your site.

Start with the 3-5 popular forums.

Make sure the post offers value to the forum.

The signature has to send visitors to your lead magnet.



Pinterest is another great way to drive traffic for free. This visual search is growing in popularity and bloggers are using it to build an audience and generate sales.

At the moment, Pinterest is my primary source of traffic. I’ve over 100 followers and still growing.

Pinterest marketing

The traffic is not big but I’m improving. Pinterest is the perfect place for recipes, lifestyle, and home decor niches. But, it works in any niche if you know how to use the platform.

Pinterest traffic works like this,

Start an account and set up your profile.

You create boards related to your niche.

Fill those boards with your pins.

Pins are the posts where it redirects users to your blog content.

Many tools are available to create your pins. You can use Canva, PicMonkey, or Photoshop.

I wrote an entire post on how to start your first pins on Pinterest.

How to Post On Pinterest


Quora is a gold mine for bloggers who want to generate traffic for free. Here are incredible Quora stats:

Quora has a domain authority of 90

It reached over 300 million monthly active users.

35% of Americans use Quora

You’ve probably come across Quora at least one time on the top search results. This platform is a top-ranked Question-Answer community that you can drive traffic from.

Similar to Reddit, forums, and Pinterest, Quora hates spam content. But it allows users to use their affiliate or blog links.

The method of work is simple ;

Create an account on Quora and set up your profile.

Include your blog Url

Mention conditional if possible in your bio.

The following topics related to your niche.

You get notifications when new questions come up.

Me for example, I’m on SEO and content marketing. My inbox is full of questions that need answers.

This is your opportunity to show your expertise and share your links when it’s relevant.


Twitter is the most popular social media platform in the world. In 2019, Twitter reached 330 million active users which 143 million use the platform on daily basis.

using twitter for affiliate marketing

People use the platform to share news and communicate in short messages. Those short messages called Tweets.

This is where you share your last updates and affiliate links. With the right strategy and marketing plan, you can build a successful social media campaign to create engagement with your content and generate affiliate sales.

I’m going to dedicate an entire guide for Twitter Marketing. In the coming weeks.

There are a lot of things to learn like :

Setting up your profile


Twitter Cards.

Using mentions

This is advanced stuff, you can generate traffic by tweeting several times per day.

Wrapping Things Up

I hope this piece of content provides you the necessary information to drive free traffic. Other methods are available like Slideshare, Craigslist, Flipboard, and Linkedin.

I recommend focusing one source at first? Once you get comfortable, add another one.

Tell me what do you think about this article.

Don’t hesitate to shoot a comment on the section below.