7 Easy Ways To Learn Content Writing At Home


So you want to learn content writing in the comfort of your home. 

I had bad grades in English writing, I had no confidence at all in my abilities that one day I will publish content on the web.

I always said to myself self ‘’ No one would be interested in my content’.

Content marketing is constantly growing in popularity, and the demand for a content writer has never been higher,

I’m lazy by nature, but I pushed myself to learn content writing, 

Despite my lack of confidence, I have more than 10 articles and blog posts under my name, My writing has been featured on major websites. 

I got huge confidence in my skills when MarketingProfs accepted my post. MarketingProfs is one of the biggest digital marketing websites on the web. Its domain authority is 80.

I couldn’t believe the editor said ‘’ I would be pleased to publish your post on our website.. shortly after its publication.

The post ranks on the first page of Google for the term ‘’Email Subject Line Formula’’. Also, it gets more than 200 social shares without additional promotion.

While I certainly haven’t reached the level I’m aiming for, I’m constantly improving, Consistency is key when it comes to writing,

When you stop for a while, you lose momentum, creativity, and words won’t come out easily,

People have different cognitive abilities, but this is the case for me. When I break the momentum, I find it hard to bring it back.

Whether you have some writing experience or just getting started, the following tips will help your writing career.

Invest In Content Writing Classes

There are a lot of bloggers and content writers who never took writing classes, at least that what they say.

So it is necessary to take classes to learn writing? The answer is No, Does writing classes help your writing skills? Yes and a lot,

Whether you have experience or not, taking classes to help you structure your work, supplement your talent, and figure out new angles and insights you’ve never thought of, Hiring a teacher you can learn from can save you time and avoid common pitfalls of this craft.

The web is a distractive place, and it’s easy to lose focus on important things. Taking a writing class allows focusing on your craft for some time.

Also, it gives the motivation to put in practice what you learn, For example, it might be in the form of grammatical rule, punctuation, or flow of sentences.

Research A Lot

Researching for reliable sources is a fundamental skill to become a reliable content writer, To gain the trust of your audience and readers, you must have the right information and knowledge to deliver on your content, It’s not enough to come up with a good idea, No matter how brilliant you might think it’s, you need to research on it.

Content writers often suffer from the writing block. If you don’t what does it mean, it’s simply a mental state when words won’t come out easily for a lack of better idea or confusion, 

To avoid this common problem, you need to be in the research mode often. 

You don’t spend 3 hours researching for good ideas, You may feel overwhelmed and confused with a lot of conflicting information.

Regardless of the topic, you’re covering, you need to focus on key information to back up your claims.

Focus my research on the first 2 pages: Google is smarter than it was a year ago. It did a great job on ranking quality sites, When, you research a particular topic, the first and second page Google consider them are the most authoritative sites. In many cases, you may not find enough material to back up your content on the first page. Just type another search query until you find the information you’re looking for.

Go to the top resources: If you write on a particular topic, you will develop a list of reliable sources for information, data, and statistics, I’m in the digital marketing niche, and my reliable sources are Digital Marketing Institut, Buzzsumo, and Neil Patel. Getting information from big sites in your niche makes your content informative and trust-worthy.

Organize your key ideas: On a word document save the key ideas you want to cover in your writing. For example, I’m going to write a blog post on how to build a website for your business, The main points are; Select a hosting service, sing up a domain name, install WordPress, select an SEO friendly them, etc.


Keep Your Idea Simple And Clear.

Do you what is complicated when it comes to content writing? Is making it simple to the average Joe.

It’s easy to make your content boring and overwhelming. Trying to be clever or pretending someone you’re not make thing worse,

I love simple writing. love the writing style of QuickSprout and CopyBlogger because It’s easy to read and understand. 

If your goal to write long-form content, then it’s better to break down big blocks of text into small paragraphs. Small chunks of texts are easy to scan and consume, especially for low-level English readers.

Simple writing another skill you need to master, especially if you’re covering a technical niche.

Your readers and audience have to find it easy what you’re trying to say, otherwise, you will fail at transmitting the message of your content.

Simplicity is relative and depends on your target audience. Forex traders have a different definition of simplicity than a lawyer or a doctor.

Despite the difficulty of the meaning simple and clear writing, here are some general guidelines to simplify your writing,

Organize your ideas in a logical order: The purpose of your content has to inform, educate, and entertain your audience. Explain your ideas in such a way you’re teaching yourself. ,

Tell readers what to expect: it’s important to tell your readers what idea you over and what they will get. While the mystery may help, but it’s important to tell the readers in the beginning what to expect,

Focus your content one point: Your content has to focus on one major thing, All the points you’re going to cover have to back up the main idea. Including too many points in one article can be an obstacle for readers to consume your content.

Develop Your Unique Voice.

«If you’re just getting started, don’t worry much about that, It will come eventually with regular practice.»

Your unique writing voice makes you stand out and get heard. It’s key to getting followers and fans to your content. Also, it’s a sure way to make your words have the impact they deserve on your audience.

Your writing voice is all about the way you communicate your ideas and unique perspective about a topic or issue.

Your unique voice allows you to choose words properly and make readers follow smoothly what you’re saying, Also, the way you arrange sentences let your style and personality shine through your writing.

Once you find your unique writing once, it’s time to develop and cultivate with patience and self-discipline. Your voice is your most prized possession as a content writer, and you should let evolve over your lifetime.

Notice the first attempts to write content require mental efforts, and many times you’re going to fill exhausted. Don’t worry too much at this stage, It’s normal and natural, The more you publish new content, the more you discover some insights that will help you do better next time.

To simplify the process to find your unique writing voice, do the following:

Pay attention? What publication writing style fascinate you? Who are the big names in your industry? How do they structure their sentences? All these can be a source for your writing voice. At this stage, you have to imitate the experts in your field. Select 1-3 pieces you enjoy the most. Don’t be too hard on yourself at the beginning, write similar blog posts or articles on one or two things you learn from those pieces of content.

Find a new angle: While the internet is full of repeated content, you can come up with a new angle to cover a topic. Try to find new elements they missed in their content,

Make mistakes: It sounds scary but making errors is the only way to make progress in your writing career, I still struggle with that and I’m working on it.

Embrace Criticism and Rejection.

Harsh criticism is something you have to deal with as a content writer, Even if you spend good efforts in researching and sharing good ideas, sometimes they don’t get the appreciation they deserve. My ideas got rejected all the times, I’m still learning from my mistakes and constantly improving.

As a writer, you have to be flexible and open to brutal criticism. When I started my blog and published my first blog posts, I was open from the beginning to seem comments that said « I’m disappointed. Huge waste of time. »

While such words may hurt and kick your self-confidence, you have to learn to deal with it.

Remember that when publishing a new post, your content is exposed to a large audience. Their tastes and perceptions differ from one person to another. You have to be courageous to let them share their opinions and even encourage them to do so.

Something important I learned over the years is that the concept of «Quality Content» is something relative.

Bad advice, fack news, or stupid motivation tip go viral on social media, Your job as a content writer is to publish your best work, the rest will follow.

For example, you may find an article that talks about how design may impact SEO, while others say the exact opposite, and both have their advocates.

So the point is again «Publish your best work and the rest will follow »

Never take criticism personally: White readers and editors might say something bad about your writing. Enjoy it and play with it 

You can’t please everyone: Trying to please everyone is the wrong target. The segment you need to please is your target audience and followers.

See it as an opportunity to grow: If you think that bad feedback is honest, see it as an opportunity to improve your skill. It can trigger new ideas you might miss or overlooked. Always remember it’s your job to embrace criticism and deal with it,

Kick Start Your Writing Carrer Through Blogging.

When I built my first blog, I didn’t know what I’m was doing. I had no SEO experience and knew nothing about keyword research and social media.

I planned to promote my writing services for SaaS and B2B companies. My daily schedule was busy so I wasn’t spending much effort on my blog. 

However, slowly but surely my writing abilities stated to improve and landed several guest post opportunities.

All that wasn’t meant to happen if I didn’t build my blog. 

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a blog. Starting your blog is as easy as opening a Facebook profile.

Many people use blogs as their diaries, while others use it to share their life experiences. 

Each blogger sees it from a different angle, What sure is blogging improve your writing.

In your case, you can see it as your writing platform to express your thoughts and ideas.

It’s easy to sign up in a hosting service, install a WordPress, and publish your first article.

I highly recommend using Siteground. The service is reliable and less expensive. The started hosting plan starts at 3.95$/month.

Blogging is a great opportunity to kickstart your writing career. Its simplicity allows developing the regular habit of writing. Once you hit the publish button, your article is online exposed to millions of people surfing the web,

The feedback. When your blog post is exposed online, readers will give you their feedback. This is a great opportunity to know what you’re doing. You can see where are out in your career through their comments and emails.

Hone your writing skill: Usually, the first article might be the hardest one to publish. However, over time you will gain the confidence to publish more. That little boost of confidence gives the motivation to publish even more. You might struggle from time to time to find the correct words, but the accumulation of writing experiences helps find your using voice and writing style.

Learn The Basics Of Copywriting.

The purpose of your writing is to reach, attract, and educate your target audience. Typing words in your Word Doc is not enough to reach your audience. You are not the only writer in the blogosphere. According to the Hostingjournal, 70 million blog posts are published on WordPress alone.

Also, the internet is a distractive place, and users lose their focus quickly. But, how can you write an attention-grabbing headline? How to write an introduction that grabs readers by their shirt and make consume your content? What Psychological factors that make people take action?

The answer to these questions is copywriting.

Copywriting is a form of marketing in written content for the purpose to increase brand awareness and influence people to take specific actions. Generally, the purpose of copywriting is to generate a sale, get contact information, or simply read an article.

The best way to learn to Copywrite is to imitate big names in your industry.

Read their articles.

What type of headline do they use?

See how do they start their introduction.

How do they present information

If you’re serious about learning how psychology influence decision making, I highly recommend reading the book “Influence” by Roberto Caldini,

For example, in your content you can explain briefly:

What your article is about?

The main points you’re going to cover.

How they will benefit from reading your article.

If copywriting seems a complicated thing for you, you can start with the following :

Tell stories: Stories are a powerful vehicle for your content ideas. It’s human nature to love hearing a story because it creates feelings, builds trust, and influences people’s behavior.

Use Curiosity In your headlines: Curiosity is an emotional factor that influences people to take action. You can write something like: What I Have Learned From Writing 150 Blog Post ». You don’t answer right away in your headline. When a user reads something like this, the lake of information pushes the readers to take action and read the article.

Be authentic: Publish the best version of your work. Don’t pretend someone you’re not and present information as they are. Always deliver you’ve promised in the headline.

Your Turn

There are countless tips to improve your content writing skills on the web. Some are good while others are useless. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how bad do you want to learn content writing.

It’s easy to get lost between conflicting ideas about writing. 

Whether you’re just getting started or want to hone your writing skills, the process of content writing goes through the same steps:

  • Find a topic that people want to know more about.

  • Research supporting ideas.

  • Organize those ideas in a logical way

  • Based on your research, explain in more detail the supporting ideas.

  • Edit, remove, or add up elements whenever it’s convenient.

If you want to become a content marketer or a freelance writer, you need to take these steps seriously.

Content writing is like any other skill. It requires time, effort, and consistent practice.

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

In case, you want to use content marketing as a vehicle for your business and find it time-consuming, I can handle that task.

I can write content that your target audience finds informative and helpful.