How To Post On Pinterest 2020


Pinterest is a powerhouse when it comes to driving traffic and promoting your stuff online. The traffic is top tier and high-quality.

Using Pinterest is not easy as it seems. You need to find keywords, making images, and crafting descriptions.

In this article, I will show exactly how to post on Pinterest in 2020.

how to post on pinterest in 2020

The Pinterest business blog shares a lot of great tips and strategies to make great pins. When it comes to pin design, vertical pins work best.

Pinterest recommends high-quality vertical pins because they stand out in people’s home feeds.

According to Tailwind, Pinterest prefers images with 2:3 or 1:2:8 ratio. The minimum width is 600 pixels and shouldn’t exceed 735 pixels.

I’ve test different sizes, and some did a good job while others were bad.

The dimensions that have worked for me are 600*900 pixels and 800*1200 pixels which are both 2:3 ratio and work great.

If your ratio is greater than 2:3, Pinterest cut off a portion of the image. This may affect your pin performance.

Tall, vertical pins look good on desktop and mobile devices so stick with the recommended dimensions.

Below an image of 2:3 ratio

Use Quality Images For Your Pins

For me, Pinterest is a platform to share my content, and for others is a wish list. 

No matter how do you see Pinterest, in the end, Pinterest is a visual search engine. People pin and repin things they find visually pleasing. 

So if you want to grab people’s attention, you need to create a bright, colorful, and crisp images. People love images and they are visual learners.

There are different ways to create quality-images for your images. No method is perfect. You need to create images with tools you are comfortable with.

Gimp and Photoshop are a great tool image editors. What I recommend to use Canva.

In my opinion, Canva is the best online image editor for multiple reasons. You can create or add images for your pins in less than 5 minutes.

You have a library of pre-made templates for Pinterest posts and other social media platforms.

Countless font styles, elements, and images are available for free.

All these tools allow us to create attention-grabbing pin images.

  • Make the image colors fit with the text
  • Avoid dark and blurry photos 
  • Use a limited but helpful text
  • Choose a font style that stands out and stick with it
  • Make your pin text simple and clear
  • Find a style of photos that fit your business
  • Use your logo if applicable.
  • Make sure it looks good on mobile.

Craft An Attention Grabbing Pin Title

A pin title is similar to a blog post title or a headline for a magazine story. The short title works best for Pinterest, but it can be up to 100 characters in length.

It shows in a bold text and gives more content to your pin content. Your pin title will be visible when a user clicks on your pin.

Your pin title has to match the image, but the same wording is not necessary. It helps the readers and Pinterest understand what your content is about. A good title includes your target keywords and grabs people’s attention. 

When your pin title is catchy, you’re more likely to website visits and repins. Always use a natural language people understand. 

Your pin title has to accomplish 3 things:

  • Sell the benefit of your content
  • Increase the reach of your pins
  • Convince the reader to click

Here is an example of a good pin title

Pinterest title

Craft An Interesting Description

Many times I scroll down through Pinterest and I will see a lot of posts without any description at all.

This is a big mistake.

A pin’s description is part that many pinners overlook. They rely only on the image and title.

If you want to use Pinterest as the main source of traffic, then you can’t afford to miss the description part – it could increase the reach of your pins.

This is your opportunity to add more context, trigger interest, and convince readers to take action.

You can be descriptive as much as possible, and Pinterest allows us to use up to 500 characters of space for pin description.

However, only 50 characters will appear on the user’s news feeds.

Here is an example of a pin description

an example of pinterest description

The first part is the most crucial and you need to include the following:

  • Use your target keywords, but use a natural language.
  • Add 3-5 Hashtags.
  • Give users a good reason to read your content.
  • Use your brand name if applicable.
  • Add as many details as you can with SO in mind 

Make Your Pin SEO-Friendly

As I mentioned before, Pinterest is a search engine. To make it big on this platform, you need to understand SEO.

Pinterest SEO is different than Google, but the principle stays the same. You need to find keywords people are typing. Then create good content around those keywords.

Pinterest keyword research is very simple. Go to Pinterest, and on the search box type your main keyword.

Let’s say my target keyword is ‘’content writing’

Pinterest Keyword research

As you can see, Pinterest gives different keyword suggestions around my main keyword. 

Image of Pinterest keywords.

The give keywords are:

  • content writing tips
  • content writing for beginners
  • content writing ideas
  • content writing topics
  • content writing images.


The following keywords are gold. Pintereststells within seconds topics people are typing.

Copy the given suggestions on a spreadsheet. Repeat that process until you make a good list of topics of cover in the coming weeks.

Now, pick a good keyword and create content around it. To increase the reach of your pin, make sure to name the image with your target keyword.

Add Relevant Hashtags.

Since I started using hashtags, I noticed an increase in impressions and clicks. Hashtags guide pins to the right people and increase the reach of your content. 

I recommend 2-5 hashtags on each pin.

But do you find hashtags

My first strategy:

  • Type on Pinterest my target keyword 
  • Open the first 3-5 posts.
  • Take a look at their hashtags.
  • Choose the most relevant hashtags to my post.

Pinterest hashtags

The second strategy

  • Go to the Pinterest search box
  • Type a broad hashtag
  • select 3-5 of the given hashtags

find hashtags

Pinterest is on the most effective platforms for driving traffic to your website.

If you know the basics of SEO and follow the best practices, then you can drive massive visitors to your website. 

Pinterest is primarily made to let people share their products and brands through visual content. 

Add A Destination Link

Pinterest is on the most effective platforms for driving traffic to your website. If you know the basics of SEO and follow the best practices, then you can drive massive visitors to your website. 

Pinterest is primarily made to let people share their products and brands through visual content. 

So how do you add a link to your post?

  • Create an image that gives people a taste of your content

  • Add a good pin title for your post

  • craft a good description

  • Copy and paste content URL in this area

  • Hit save

add a destination link

Now, your pin is saved on Pinterest. Your post has the proper URL destination. Once a user finds your post and clicks on the title or image, Pinterest will redirect him to your chosen page.

Select A Board To Add Your Pin

Successful pinners have multiple boards, and each board has many pins. Before you start promoting content, you have some boards.

select a board for your pin

I recommend to create 10 boards, and each board has at least 10 pins in it. This your profile looks full of good content. At this stage, fill your boards with other people’s content. 

Once you created your pin, it time select a board to be added on.

Choose a relevant board and click save.

It’s Time To Create Your Own Pin 

I hope that you have now a clear idea of how to create pins on Pinterest. Don’t worry if your first pins look bad. 

My first pins suck too. 

Keep creating content and pinning. The more you create, you more you become good at it.

If it seems hard, look for inspiration from other pinners.

Tell me what do you think about this post.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions or leave a comment below.