8 Lead Magnet Mistakes That Are Killing Your Conversion


A lead magnet is a crucial part of the marketing mix and is one of the best ways to build your prospects database.

Free content can be hard to resist, especially if you offer something valuable and relevant to your audience.

Also, a lead magnet can do a lot of positive things for your business such as:

  • Establish your credibility and demonstrate your expertise.
  • Drive targeted traffic to your new content.
  • Build trust between you and your customers.
  • Market your paid products to the same customers several times.


The problem is almost everyone offers a free bonus and people are overwhelmed by the amount of content coming to them.

While getting a new sign up is important to your business, your lead magnet has to generate quality leads, not just any lead.

Despite the amount of content you provide or the effort you put in, it’s easy to make mistakes when creating a lead magnet.

In this post, I’m going to highlight the most common lead magnet mistakes that can sabotage your conversion rate.

Demonstrates Low Value.

Can you list the top 10 pain points that your customers and expecting? If you can’t, then you need to find out.

This step is important to make your lead magnet persuasive and compelling to your audience.

Throwing generic information that they can easily find elsewhere, rather than they yearn for, will not help and get them engaged.

With so much information available and competition in the marketplace, a free update won’t grab your reader’s attention.

Your lead magnet has to offer massive value to your leads.  What I mean by high value:

  • A content that enlightens your audience about something they ignored
  • Entertain readers so they can consume entirely the information you provided.
  • Inspire them to take action.


Also, you shouldn’t include promotional links in your lead magnet, at least in the short term. Anything that smells like sale pitch early on, you risk losing the trust of your prospects.

let’s say you’re in the skincare niche. You can offer something like a short Ebook “ 10 Bad Skin Care Habit You Should Break ASAP”

This type of content will demonstrate your position, authority and build trust with your prospects.

This will demonstrate your value, position you as a trusted expert and authority to make your prospects more likely to value your opinion and want to buy from you

Quick fix:

Before you create your lead magnet you to know first, “What type of content my audience want?. To figure out the answer, check out the comments on your blog section. Also, forums, social media groups, industry publications are great sources to uncover these.

This step is critical to your lead magnet success. So take the same to come up with the best content type and information to serve your audience excellently.

Hard To Read.

Whether you like it or not, most people won’t read the majority of your lead magnet. Regardless of your hard work researching, collecting information, and promoting your free offer, this is the reality of having to face as a marketer.

That means you should be creating a lead magnet that’s useful and more importantly scannable. A content that isn’t scannable means it contains a lot of details, longer paragraphs, and no images.

If your lead magnet is hard to digest, you decrease the odds that your information gets noticed and read. Most internet users want fast answers and quick results.

Your leads don’t have time to read flowery prose, they joined your list to get the information they need and move on to something else.

Also, people, these days don’t read content online the way they do it with print publications. They scan content and jump from one section to another depending on if they’re interested in or not.

Within a few minutes, they will know whether it’s worth their time reading it completely.

Quick solution:  

What works for long blog post applies to lead magnet as well. So to make it easy for readers to digest information:

  • Keep paragraphs short.
  • Use white space
  • Use list if necessary
  • Highlight important points.
  • Break up long text blocks into smaller chunks.


No Clear Goal

As a brand or  marketer, you need to ask yourself this question:

What’s the purpose of my lead magnet? Go ahead and write down your answers.

I hope you’ve come up with several purposes.

The most common answers are:

  • To capture email addresses.
  • People love freebies.
  • Drive repeated traffic to my content.


While these may be good reasons to create a lead magnet, it can result in significant waste in resources. A lot of visitors who come to your lead capture page will not give you their best email addresses.

They just signed up to get the free offer and will unsubscribe soon after the download.

The purpose of getting that email address is to convert a lead into loyal clients, but in the short term you goal may be any of the following:

  • Build a report with your prospective customers.
  • Demonstrate the usefulness of your content.
  • Build a customer base
  • Reach new audiences.


Before you create a lead magnet, you need to ask yourself “ What’s the next action I want my lead to take?”.

These actions can be:

  • Increase social engagement.
  • Broad marketing goals
  • Purchase low ticket products.


To convince your leads to take the next step, you need to understand first their struggles, needs, and questions.

Then, present your free offer a solution to fulfill their needs and push them further through your sales funnel.

Targeting The Wrong Audience.

As a marketer, most of your actions have to be calculated, and it’s more tempting to target the wrong audience.

A lot of online markets may think they will get more leads by creating a lead magnet that targets a general audience.

That’s a huge mistake. Your lead magnet has to target a specific audience. Before you create one, identify first your target audience pain points and challenges, then develop a lead magnet that provides solutions.

If you tackle a particular topic, challenge, or pain point, it tells your audience you understand them and care about them. This step alone can build a strong relationship with your leads which will become clients later.

Whether it’s a software, mini-course, or guide it has to be the building block in your relationship with your customers, even if they aren’t ready to buy.

If your lead magnet solves a specific problem to a targeted audience, you will attract quality leads and nurture them to become your loyal clients.

Also, don’t forget that a lead magnet is part of your sales funnel and always make sure it’s useful and relevant to the people who will likely buy from you.

Too Much Or Not Enough Information. 

Of you course, you want to give value to your leads by giving too much detail in your Ebook, guide, or cheat sheet. If your leads are immediately feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, they may never complete it or read it again.

This mistake can destroy your chances of consuming the info, implementing it, and getting results. That first bad impression can destroy your credibility and your chances to convert those leads into customers.

Too little information is also another mistake many online marketers make. While short content works well, at the same time, you don’t be too concise.

For example, if you offer a mini-course that is not descriptive about a specific idea, goal, or solution, your leads may think it was a waste of time.

In other words, your lead magnet needs to have the right balance between too much and not enough.

Weak Headline.

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read a headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

The headline is your best chance to make a positive first impression to convince casual browsers to join your list. So the first two or three words can make or break your lead conversion efforts.

Many lead magnets fail to convert because they aren’t focused around a compelling promise or one BIG IDEA that makes easy for your prospects to think “ I desire this more than anything in the world”

Also, you need to know that your prospects are exposed to 4000 to 10000 ads per day, which it’s hard to grab their attention.

They’re used to ignore all kinds of offers unless it’s something they may be interested in. So you need to capture their interests within seconds.

When visitors come to your website, it means they’re looking for guidance, instructions, and specific solutions to a problem they struggle with.

And the headline has to fulfill these requests.

So if you want to grab your prospects attention, the headline has to:

  • State directly what your lead magnet is about. 
  • The problem you’re solving.


For example, let’s say you’re in the digital marketing business, and your lead magnet is a free training on how to increase sales.

Instead of using a headline like “Learn How To Increase Your Business Sales”, you can say “Free 4 Week Training: How To 2X Your Business Sales

The second headline is more likely to generate sign up for several reasons:

  • It states clearly that it’s a free training
  • The time it’s going to take (4 Week)
  • The solution to lack of sales.


There Is No Immediate Gratification.

Reserve Your Seat Now, Download It Now. Send It Now. The demand for instant gratification is everywhere and your audience expects to find information, answers, and solutions quickly and easily.

Since the explosive growth of social media, instant gratification has become the norm rather than the exception.

Your lead magnet is supposed to be the entry point of your brand.  If your audience has to do many things in order to see the value of your lead magnet, they most likely won’t take a further step in your funnel.

Every time a user filled the sign-up form to get the free offer, it shouldn’t take long to reach their inbox.

Once you give a lead some sort of instant gratification, they will expect the same immediate response in future interactions This way you keep your leads engaged and interested in your solution.

Also, the quicker you give your leads answers and solutions, the better chances you will convert them into customers

The Lead Magnet Is Not Related To The Paid Product.

You have created a nice looking lead magnet to bring quality leads to your sales funnel. You’re basically trading value in the form of quality content for your reader’s email address. 

Your lead magnet may get a lot of downloads, but your leads aren’t responding when it comes to your paid products and services.

If you have a list of 1000 contacts, not one single person triggered the buy button on your product it means something is wrong.

Your leads aren’t converting because your lead magnet is not closely related to your paid products.

Buying and getting something for free are completely different things.

For example, let’s say your offer is an 8- Week course on how to use a blog to generate passive income. If your lead magnet is “ 10 Proven Facebook Ad Templates”, you may find it hard to convert leads into customers.

While both contents are related to the digital marketing niche, they aren’t closely connected. Your lead magnet should be valuable to the point where it seems a natural step to try your paid products.

Quick fix:

Your lead magnet has to be like an appetizer of the funnel. It should be informative, exciting, and make your leads want more. To achieve that make your free offer scrapes the surface of the same problem that your paid offer solves.

So don’t be tempted to give too much upfront because you risk to overwhelm your readers and never take action in your material. 

Wrapping Up.

If your lead magnet isn’t converting well, it doesn’t mean that it is a bad one. It could be that there is a problem with how you use it in your overall marketing strategy.

Always remember when it comes to marketing success, delivering the right content to the right people is what makes it converting.

These are the common lead magnet mistakes you should avoid at all costs to attract quality leads to your sales funnel.

Also, you should never try to impress your leads with a lot of content. Instead, give them a specific answer or solution to a problem they may have. This way you can move smoothly toward your paid products.