7 Productivity Tips For Bloggers


Managing your blog activities see impossible at first. You have many things to do at once. Planning your content, publishing your posts, and posting on social media is just the beginning.

You are always looking for ways to save time and maximize your productivity.

Here are the best productivity tips for bloggers.

Apply The Pareto Principle.

If you like to read about the self-improvement books and articles, then you probably heard of the vital few or the 80/20 rule.

Maybe you know it as the Pareto principle? This law has other names like the least effort principle or the principle of imbalance

No matter what you call it, applying the Pareto principle can have a tremendous effect on your life.

It can be applied to anything like, weight loss, skill learning, and blogging.

Wilfredo Pareto observed, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

So 80% of blogging success comes from 20% of activities.

When it comes to blogging success, driving traffic, generating leads, and making sales are what we aim for.

Often we get caught on things that fewer effects on our blogging success.

I’ mean things like installing new plugins, making a new logo, and installing new themes.

Unfortunately, most blogging courses don’t mention that.

For me, the vital few are publishing new content and social media promotion.

Blogging is all about content. Even if you think your new piece of content is horrible, publish it and promote it.

Repeat this process again and again.

Don’t stop until Google notices your blog and get known by your audience.

Your job as a blogger is to publish and spread your content through the web.

When I say publishing content, I also mean keyword research, idea generation, and content planning,

Outline Your Blog Posts Before Writing

Do you find it hard to start writing your blog post? Do you keep looking at the blank screen and waiting for inspiration?

You worry too much about word choice, grammar, and sharability.

Even if you have a good topic, your writing job might have a poor flow of ideas.

Fortunately, you have a simple solution to that. Before you head over your keyboard and start typing, you can create an outline.

An outline might be a few bullet points or detailed ideas about each section.

This simple alone save a lot of time and keep your writing guided on specific ideas.

Instead of jumping from one idea to another, and outline keeps your thoughts organized and the flow of ideas.

Here is an example of a blog post outline

Blog post title What Hat SEO Techniques


SEO Information overload

How it’s confusing for bloggers

Bloggers have to apply good SEO practices

What is White SEO


Characteristics and examples

Why You Need To Focus on White Hat SEO


long term benefits

Better ROI

Better User experience

What is Black Hat SEO


Examples of black hat SEO

Risks Of Black Hat SEO


Short term results

Risk of penalty

8 Proven White Hat SEO Techniques

Proper keyword research

understand user intent

SEO optimized images

Link building

Long-form content

User experience

Fast loading website


Note: An outline is not a prison for your writing. You can add new elements when it’s necessary.

When start writing, new ideas will come up and you need to change your outline accordingly.

Work On A short Block Of Time: The Pomodoro

Youtube, emails, and social media posts are giving you a shorter attention span. You find it hard to say focus on important tasks like outlining your content, posting on social media, email your subscribers, or posting on Pinterest.

Most bloggers face that problem. For me, Youtube is a big time waster. I watch interviews or case studies, and before I know it, one hour passed without getting anything done.

I set a time and focus on a task for 25 minutes. Next, I take a break for 5 minutes and restart again.

This quick solution improved my productivity. 2-3 blog posts get published a week and 40 Pinterest pins get posted.

People called it the Pomodoro techniques.

This just the beginning. I’m constantly improving to get more things done.

This is my preferred time- management hack because it is flexible. You can make a session of 25 minutes, 50 minutes, or 60 minutes.

It depends on the task at hand or what you’re comfortable with.

Also, it makes focused on the task and the tik-tik sound of the timer pushes you to finish the job before the session ends.

Set Achievable Goals

We all know that setting goals are important for ourselves. I often resist setting goals for my blog growth.

I find it a selly strategy, but I’m mistaken.

Sometimes no matter how hard I work, it still feels like I’ve just spun my wheels and did nothing.

That feeling is normal when you work without a road map or guidance.

This is where goal setting helps.

You need to set measurable and achievable goals for your blog.

As a blogger, my aim is to get blog traffic.

Let’s say you want to get ‘’1000 pageviews per month’’

Publish 3 blog posts a week

Post 10 Pinterest pins per day for the next 30 days

Send 25 Group board request per week

10 Facebook groups request a month

This is just an example, and it may change according to your schedule, niche, and, strategy.

Organize Your Tasks On A Blog Planner

Blogging is an incredible channel to build an audience and make money. To achieve that you need to treat like a real business.

Like any business in the world, a lot of things need to be done on regular basis.

Come up with new content ideas

Blog posts for the week

Social media post

Content for email subscribers

It’s hard to manage all the tasks and stay organized. Without a blogging plan, you are screwed.

A blog planner can be helpful to focus on key tasks and keep yourself accountable.

It brings structures to your blogging life and stays organized.

Writing your blogging stuff on a planner, not only it reminds you of your goals, but also it prepares mentally and emotionally up to get things done and crush your goals.

The smart blogging planner is a great example. It’s specifically designed for bloggers your organize tasks in a productive way.

It’s not dated and fully customizable.

It can be used anytime and for years to come.

Execution Is Better Than Perfection

I used to think many times before writing my posts or learning a new marketing strategy. I waited a month before coming up with a domain name.

This is a silly strategy.

As bloggers, we want everything to be perfect.

There is no such thing as perfection? What you think is bad, your readers might have different opinions.

I wrote my first blog post in 2018. It was awful. At least that what I thought.

Shortly after that? I published another one and another one.

I learned how to put images, data, and screenshots.

One day, I was surprised that my blog post got some comments.

They’re all positive. People praised me for the job.

The point of that story is that execution is better than perfection or strategy. Or course, there is the preparation phase.

Trying to come with the right words or ideas is a recipe for disaster.

Imperfection practice leads to perfection. Don’t hesitate to write the perfect blog post or social media post. Just put the work and spread your words through the web.

Automate Your Repetitive Tasks.

Repetitive tasks like posting on social media, sending emails, making new segments takes a lot of time.

You need to manage the theme of making your blog successful. You don’t have to be around the clock.

Fortunately, many tools are available to manage your social media posts, schedule upcoming posts, or sending emails.

You can tool like Tailwind to schedule Pinterest and Instagram posts. You don’t for weeks ahead.

You can spend a couple of hours per week scheduling your content. Then you let the software do the hard work for you.

Also, you can manage and automate your marketing campaigns with a few clicks. You can send a specific email sequence for non-email openers and a bunch of other stuff.

I outlined the best automation tools for marketers in this article

Automation tools for bloggers.

Everything is done automatically without lifting a finger. This is a great way to save time and maximize your productivity.

It’s Your Turn.

There you go. These tips will make a more productive blogger in 2020. Remember the 20/80 rule and the Pomodoro technique because they are my favorite. I’d like to hear more productivity tips for bloggers from you.

Shoot me a comment below.