Tailwind Pinterest Strategy (The Ultimate Guide)


Do you struggle to drive consistent traffic to your blog?

SEO works great, but it takes time to rank on search engines. Pinterest is another type of search engine that will bring massive traffic if you follow the right strategy. Tailwind is the best tool to increase your reach in Pinterest. It can maximize your effort and save a lot of time.

In this post, I will show you how to use Tailwind for Pinterest.

What is Tailwind

Tailwind is an all-in-one tool for bloggers and content marketers. To its most basic you can schedule Pinterest and Instagram posts from your:

Blogs and websites


Even Tailwind itself

Most features are designed toward scheduling and publishing. Scheduling Pinterest pins can save a lot of time and make your blog live easier. It’s all that you need to grow your blog traffic. Pinterest is my first source of traffic then comes Google and Facebook.

Tailwind is an approved Pinterest scheduler and there is no risk of getting banned from Pinterest.

Here is what you can do with Tailwind:

  • Schedule pins up to two weeks in advance

  • Drive more traffic to your blog.

  • Post at optimal times for maximum engagement

  • Measure your progress and results with detailed analytics

  • Automatically publish the top-performing pins

  • Reach a bigger audience using tribes.

Tailwind tools.

Tailwind is simple and the dashboard is user-friendly. Before you start using Tailwind for Pinterest, I will explain the features you need to focus on.

First, open a Tailwind account. You can sign up with Pinterest or Instagram. It’s up to you.

The plan costs 9,99$.

Tailwind Tribes

Tribes are a group of Pinterest marketers and bloggers with similar interests. If you are familiar with group boards, then Tailwind tribes are something similar. They as communities of bloggers in different niches to share each people’s content. Tribes are the Holy grail when it comes to increasing traffic and reaching a larger audience.

Finding tribes is simple and easy. But to make tribes work for you you need to join relevant tribes.

Once you’ are logged in the Tailwind dashboard, on the left-side click on ‘’ find a tribe’’

This step will take to a search box. Type a term relevant to your niche and hit search/

Make sure to join active tribes and relevant to your niche. Some tribes require to fill a form.

With the free plan, you can join 5 tribes. This is your opportunity to test the water and see how tribes work. After that, you can upgrade your plan and join more tribes. 10-15 tribes is a good number to shoot for.

Board Lists

Board lists are simply the lists you can create inside Tailwind. Board lists allow organizing your boards, especially if you blog about multiple topics. You can make a board list for each topic so you can save pins in the most relevant places. For example, I have on my Pinterest account different boards for SEO, blogging, and Pinterest marketing.

You can organize your board lists in the following categories;


Topic category

Days of the week

Special promotions

Personal interests.

Organizing your boards into lists can save you a lot of time and be more productive.

Select Board list

With one 1 click, you can save a pin to multiple boards. With one piece of content, you can spread all over the place.

Tailwind Smartloop

Tailwind understands that Pinterest marketers want to pin on a consistent basis and save time. To reshare evergreen content keep it active requires work and complicated spreadsheets.

Tailwind introduced a new feature that allows you to reshare evergreen and seasonal pins.

This feature is called Smart Loop. Looping is simply when your pins are posted again and again to your Pinterest boards you’ve selected.

Once add pins and boards to the schedule, Tailwind will do the rest. Smart Loop is a great alternative to Boardbooster since it’s no longer active.

There are several reasons to love Smart Loop because it:

Allows staying active on Pinterest with less effort.

Posting regularly on group boards without breaking their rules

Keeping your top performing pins evergreen.


The goal of Tailwind is to get results from your Pinterest efforts. Without analytics, you can’t know what’s working and what’s not. With Tailwind Insights you can examine your pins performing. It’s normal and natural that some pins are going to do well.

The data you get from the insights help you detect bad pins to keep your profile healthy.

Also, you can measure your follower’s activity, re-pins received, and impressions.

In short, Tailwind insights are similar to Google Analytics.


Tailwind scheduling is the most powerful feature in this software. When you join Tailwind, it will analyze your pins, followers, and analytics to figure out the best times to pin. Then, Tailwind will suggest times based on your analytics when your pins get the most clicks and engagement.

Tailwind Scheduler

In the beginning, it will start with a few suggestions, but it will add up when you post more pins in the coming weeks and months.

I will show exactly how to schedule pins on Tailwind.

How To Schedule Pins On Tailwind

There are 3 ways to schedule your pins:

  • Schedule from Tailwind

  • Upload from your PC

  • Schedule from Pinterest.

  • Schedule from your website or other’s people website.

The first 2 are the most popular.

Now, you need to download the Tailwind Chrome extension in your browser.

I assume the extension is installed and your Tailwind account is set up. Next, you need to select pins and posting them in the queue. With the free plan, you get 100 scheduled pins and no times suggested.

A small Tailwind icon will appear in your browser and each pin image in your Pinterest account.

It’s a good start to test the water. But if you want to see good results, you need to upgrade your plan. At the beginning stage, you get 4 times suggestions a day.

To get the most of your Pinterest marketing efforts, you need to post on multiple boards at a time. On the Tailwind, the dashboard makes a board list based on a specific topic, niche, or category.

How To Make A Board List

Making a board list is easy. On the left side, click on the published tab and select the board list. Then create one and give it a name.

Add the most relevant board to this board list. Also, don’t forget to organize your own boards and group boards.

Now, it’s time to schedule your pins. Again, go to the publisher tab and select pins from your Laptop hard drive.

Click on the upload images button and select a pin image from your hard drive.

Select the boards you want your pin to be posted on.

With one click, your pin is spread all over the boards you’ve selected.

You have the option to set an interval between pins so your profile won’t look spammy.

Setting intervals

Here you can choose how many days between that pin will go to another board. You can space your pins throughout the day. Top Pinterest marketing experts recommend 2-3 days apart, This tells Pinterest that you are active and consistent with content creation.

Once the settings are all Ok, click on the set interval and schedule.

Final Thoughts On Using Tailwind For Pinterest.

Is Tailwind worth your time? My answer is 100% yes. That’s my guide on how to use Tailwind for Pinterest. If you publish content on regular basis and follow this Pinterest strategy, your traffic will significantly increase.

Don’t look at Tailwind as an expense, it’s an investment. If you want to start a blog and don’t have a lot of money to spend on the tool, then a self-hosted website and Tailwind are the only investment I would recommend.